Saint Prisoner Reforming Delinquents

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This is a translation of a very touching letter Laura wrote. Laura moved to Mexico to care for Lalo when he was in the jail in Coatzacoalcos. Now that Lalo has been transferred to the Islas Marias Prison (an Island prison colony on the pacific coast of Mexico). Laura continues her work in Coatzacoalcos prison, keeping close contact with Lalo, sending him what he needs, relaying messages etc. This is a small look into the work Lalo and Laura are doing within a prison system where there is no program for reforming inmates, not even basic human respect is given in these places, they are the forgotten ones of society, they are treated like animals.

(Letter from Laura) I have been continuing to visit the prison in Coatzacoualcos (Where Lalo was first incarcerated) three times a week. I am giving yoga and meditation classes for a group of women inmates in the mornings, also every Wednesday I give a yoga class to ten inmates with psychiatric problems. A few are very ridged but I help them with breathing exercises and their foreheads relax and their smiles appear and I see this is very beneficial for them. We chant the Mantra OM LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU ( May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free) and every time we chant the sacred OM syllable, I feel the whole jail fill with light and this light expands out to the whole World. This is a wonderful experience! After each yoga class we sing to the Mother Earth, I brought shakers and tambourines we play and sing this fills their faces with light, so much joy, everyone smiling! this is a great gift! The Divine Mother is blessing us every minute!

There is one inmate they call him “The Killer”, but his real name is Angel, I prefer to call him that! When Lalo was here, Angel used to participate in the chanting and the sharing of food. Now every time he sees me he shouts, “MATA RANI KI” (The Divine Mother is HERE!) and I reply “JAI!” (Victory) Many other inmates all greet me with Namaste (I bow to the Light in you) One woman greets me with folded hands saying “Namaste” and I reply “Namaste” and pat her head and give her a hug and I can feel it is the Divine Mother hugging her through me. I know all this is happening for a good reason, I am here to serve The Divine Mother.

Another Inmate who has a 140 year sentence, Is taking up the work of Dharma (Righteousness). He told me that meeting Lalo was a grand awakening for him! He told me that he feels Lalo by his side supporting him, so when he feels anger rising in him, he softly says, “Om shanti, Om shanti, Om shanti (Infinite Peace) and he feels calm. He said that he feels much better since he has taken up this path. He knows it is a hard road, He said, when he has a heavy heart, he sings or meditates and this brings great relief! All of this is a grand gift to me. It gives me such joy to see the conversion of The Divine Mother’s children to a state of Peace! May the Divine Light fill all your hearts!
Blessings, Laurita

To read more about Lalo and to sign his petition visit his blog: